The Journal started as an arm of the Rhetorical New Testament Project, which I directed for twelve years, under the auspices of the Institute of Antiquity and Christianity in Claremont, California. The Project was retired in 2008; the Institute was phased out in 2009.

Over the years, however, we have collected some valuable resources that need to be available to those interested in rhetorical criticism. Arguably  the most important are the bibliographies. Even in the day of internet searches, students and others may find things listed in them that simply don’t show up in a Google or Yahoo search. Others include working drafts of papers that illustrate the use of a wide variety of rhetorical critical theories and methodologies to analyze and interpret a diverse array of ancient texts, as well as modern social, political, and cultural issues. Thus this new iteration of the Journal.

Thank you for your interest!


[updated 11/03/2014]

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The Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament

James D. Hester

founding editor