The Enthymeme:
An Interdisciplinary Bibliography of Critical Studies*

This bibliography focuses on twentieth century critical works discussing the enthymeme, although it also includes a limited selection of nineteenth century studies. Since readers of Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament will be familiar with the application of rhetorical theory to the New Testament, and other bibliographies in the journal cover this material, I have provided only a limited selection of these works.

Entries are organized categorically, and alphabetically by author within each category. Readers should be aware that any such categorical divisions are to some degree arbitrary and somewhat indistinct. Rather than repeat entries, I have placed each under what appears to be the most pertinent rubric. The final section contains theses (B.D., MA, PhD) concerning the enthymeme organized alphabetically by author rather than divided by category.


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The Enthymeme in Composition Studies

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